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About My Inspired Media

The world’s foremost done for you content ranking platform

Designed by marketers for marketers…

My Inspired Media began in 2014 as a tool for small-business owners to build a significant online presence, without the need for extensive knowledge of complicated search engine optimization tricks and tactics, and without the assistance of a third-party consultant who does. While many businesses pay thousands of dollars per month to SEO specialists with various (and often dubious) levels of expertise, MIM provides an alternative that can greatly reduce overhead while delivering real-time, measurable results.

Part of the Business Labs family of products

The philosophy of our founders is that online marketing need not be overly complicated. The modern entrepreneur has enough to concern themselves with just by starting and running a business. But marketing is something no business can be without. We honor the entrepreneurs of the world and seek to empower them with technology that saves time and money while eliminating guesswork, and training that’s proven to be effective and easy to implement by anyone who’s growing a business online.

Proudly made in Saint Louis, USA

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