October 29, 2020

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The Post-Split Hairstyle for Men

The pop star Joe Jonas was feeling blue after his breakup with the model Gigi Hadid, and it showed. Literally.

Mr. Jonas, 26, was spotted Nov. 17 with a festive cobalt-colored streak in his dark hair, shortly after the duo called it quits. Teen Vogue called it the “ultimate post-breakup move,” and his colorist Laura Estroff told “People” StyleWatch the shade was called “lapis lazuli blue.” (He has since dyed his entire mane.)

While making a drastic change in appearance after a breakup isn’t uncommon for women — it is sometimes referred to as a “breakover” — it seems that more men have been embracing the idea.

And Mr. Jonas is just the latest celebrity to swap out the whiskey bottle for a bottle of hair dye after a fizzled romance.

In August, Zayn Malik, the former One Direction band member, was seen sporting silvery hair after calling off his engagement to Perrie Edwards. (Coincidentally, reports are circling of a developing romance between Mr. Malik and Ms. Hadid after the two were spotted together.)

Around this time last year, the rapper Wiz Khalifa debuted a head of purple dreadlocks on Instagram, two weeks after filing for divorce from the model Amber Rose.

“Even when your heart is broken, you want to feel like you can pick up and be a new person,” said Logan Levkoff, a New York-based sexologist and relationship expert. “Dyeing your hair or doing something dramatic, in an idealized way, tricks us into thinking that we are.”

For men, dyeing the hair is a natural progression of the breakover, which in the past has been a more straightforward affair. (Think of John Mayer’s cutting his shoulder-length mane in 2012 after his split with Katy Perry, or Ashton Kutcher, who shaving his beard after separating from Demi Moore.)

It also aligns with the more general trend of men being willing to experiment with hair color.

“Men have been coloring their hair way more in the past year, more than ever before,” said Zoe Wiepert, a colorist and technical lead at New York’s Bumble and bumble salon.

Ms. Wiepert confirmed that she has had “real men” (i.e., non-famous people) in her chair looking to change up their looks in this way after relationships have come to an end — a service that can set them back $200 to $300 for a double process, which consists of bleaching and then dyeing their hair.

Ultimately, Dr. Levkoff said, she sees the act as a positive way to deal with heartbreak, a way of outwardly signaling the end of one chapter and the beginning of another and one that can add some levity to an unpleasant experience.

“I love the idea that we can own wherever we are in a particular moment,” Dr. Levkoff said. “It can be very empowering to change your look and start fresh.”

Meanwhile, keep an eye on Gavin Rossdale, who has split with Gwen Stefani.